How to Prepare for a Music Festival: A Survival Guide

Festival season is upon us, and we. Are. Stoked! With, Earthday Birthday, Forbidden Kingdom, Funk Fest, Skyline, and so many others following closely behind, we’re gearing up for some serious fun this summer.




We’re all geared up and ready, are you?

Here at the OA, we care about our guests’ experience, and want to make sure you’re prepared for a fantastic time. And what better way to do that, than by providing this fool-proof


✨Festival Survival Guide✨


But first, the kit:

✅ Baby wipes

Being outside all day is bound to dirty you up a bit; it happens every time, and it’s unavoidable. When your whole body from head to toe is even slightly caked in dirt, you’re probably going to want to wash off. The quick and easy solution: baby wipes. Be sure to grab them on your final pitstop before arriving at the event, or consciously order ahead! Click below to check out these quality, affordable and sustainable wipes from Pipette.




✅ Small portable charger

It’s no surprise that many of us rely heavily on our phones, and for festivals you’ll likely find yourself reaching for it often: to take photos/videos of your favorite sets, double-check the lineup, find friends and meet-up groups, and more. All this working against Florida’s Summer heat makes for a weak battery life, and the only thing worse than losing your friends at a festival with thousands of bodies is losing them with no way of contacting them. Arm yourself with a reliable portable charger to ensure that you capture the best moments on camera while avoiding getting tragically lost at the event. Here’s a popular option from Amazon!



✅ Earplugs

Years of concerts and festivals have taught us that earplugs are crucial. There are several old-timers in the industry who suffer from tinnitus after years of live shows back-to-back with little-to-no protection until too late. To our dedicated Festies, we hope you protect your hearing so that you may forever enjoy the sound of music to its full potential. Rock on (with care)!

Here’s an option for earplugs that reduce noise without decreasing the value of your listening experience.




✅ Lanyard

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to carry a bag around for hours in the Southern summer heat, but on the same note, maybe you don’t have pockets or your phone weighs down your clothes. A simple lanyard to hold your phone and wallet at the very least can solve this dilemma for you. Even outside of concerts and festivals, this is an amazing way to keep your hands free and worry less about losing these necessities. Obvious alternatives for those who have more to carry would be a hydration pack or a fanny pack. Check out this Gear Bast Cell Phone Lanyard from Amazon!


✅ Sunblock

Just in case you forgot that you’ll be in the sun all day. Here’s a popular option for all skin types (if you don’t already have a go-to!).




Tips & Tricks:

➡️ Stay Hydrated

Most festivals will have a free water refill station, but to get it free you must have a water bottle handy. This is hardly an issue if you bring along a hydration pack, but otherwise be sure to hold onto any bottles from refreshments purchased onsite. Try to remind yourself and friends to take a strong gulp of water from time to time!


➡️ Lock it Up

If lockers are available, get one. This allows you to leave your belongings in a secure space and free up your hands to eat, dance, buy souvenirs, and hold onto your loved ones. Once you experience the convenience of lockers, you’ll likely never want to go back to carrying and protecting all your belongings for hours again. That said, you should definitely check for an option to reserve a locker ahead of time online or arrive early on day 1 to secure it.


➡️ Memorize a Relevant Phone Number (at least one)

This is part of your Plan B if your night doesn’t go quite right. Be sure to have the phone number of a reliable friend or family member nearby who can help you out in a tough spot. In the event that you get lost or hurt and you don’t have your phone, at the very least you can borrow someone else’s and dial your trusted emergency contact.


➡️ Traveling in Groups

Traveling with a trustworthy group should guarantee you arrive and depart the festival grounds safely – whether you stick with them the entire time or not. Find and specify a noticeable landmark to meet at when lost. If you’ve been to a concert or festival event before, you’ve likely experienced poor cell signal, and that’s to be expected, so when you’re struggling to get in contact with a friend, fear not! Take a breath and be patient for your messages or calls to go through. Don’t be afraid to ask event staff or medics and law enforcement for any emergencies on site.

One trick some groups use to keep their friends together is bring along a unique totem! This allows friends to find one another from far away, even with mass numbers. As long as someone is always willing to hold it up (and it’s not explicitly prohibited from the event), this plan is foolproof!


➡️ Don’t Miss a Thing!

Screenshot the schedule or one you made yourself and make it your screen saver. This will save your battery since you’re not constantly accessing your phone to check out the times on a draining app.


➡️ Last but Not Least: Make Meaningful Connections

For some people, festivals are all about the lineup, but for the thousands and thousands of festies that just keep on coming back for more? It’s the vibes; the community. Bring along some festive items such as Kandy and pearlers to share and make new friends.




Festivals are all about making amazing memories to the tune of your favorite music, in the presence of amazing, awe-inspiring artists. Be sure to make the most of your time by staying safe, healthy, and conscious of your surroundings.


See you soon, festies!


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